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ENERGIA NATURALIS (ENNA Group) is a parent company which manages around 20 companies that the group has ownership of. They operate in a wide variety of industries ranging from trading, supplying natural gas and sustainable energy resources, as well as investment projects and transport operations. The most renowned companies which are part of ENNA Group include PPD, ENNA Logic, ENNA Transport and ENNA Fruit. ENNA Group is one of the fastest growing businesses in Croatia and the surrounding region. Mr Pavao Vujnovac is the owner and President of the Management Board of Energia Naturalis Group.


PPD is a privately owned Croatian company with headquarters in Vukovar and is involved in the trade, import and sale of natural gas. The company is the largest importer of natural gas in Croatia. Its clients consist of major customers in the business and industry sectors.

Earning around 20 percent of income from sales in Croatia and 80 percent of income from selling natural gas to international markets,

PPD conducts business in European natural gas markets thanks to its highly qualified and experienced teams based in Zagreb (Croatia), Lugano (Switzerland) and Budapest (Hungary). With their combined knowledge of logistics, financing, risk, and specifications conformation, PPD has direct access to the largest wholesale markets with bilateral trade, exchange markets and broker platforms and can secure short-term, mid-term and long-term supplies. With our long-standing experience in managing the procurement of natural gas and optimizing facility and storage capacities, we can provide our customers with a well-structured tailor-made product.

Through trading in the busiest European natural gas trading point TTF and conducting business internationally (Austria, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria) we have been able to identify opportunities for trade between the mentioned markets, within the common European natural gas market.

We are listed in the following natural gas exchange markets: CEGH, CEGH CZ, TTF, PSV, BGH, BRM.

ENNA Fruit

ENNA FRUIT is the leading company in the production, purchase, distribution and processing of fruit and vegetables throughout Croatia and the wider region. Wholesale centers specializing in buying, storing, and packaging fresh produce are based across the country.


By promoting collaboration with subcontractors, the company aims to connect the primary agricultural production and markets, especially for locally produced goods. ENNA Fruit is one of the region’s leading suppliers of bananas and citrus fruit. Customers are guaranteed an uninterrupted supply of fresh fruit and vegetables both from Croatia and abroad. The company’s goal is to play a fundamental role in creating seamless integration between the producer and the end customer.

Novo Sutra

Zaklada Novo Sutra (The New Tomorrow Foundation) is PPD’s non-profit organization devoted to creating a more successful, educated and humane society. Novo Sutra is committed to the removal of any obstacles that we face as a society by encouraging excellence, good deeds and helping those in need.

With the provision of scholarships to young people, we create a means of acquiring knowledge to help develop their potential, which in turn allows them to integrate into society more easily. The intention of these scholarships is to invest in the future through the encouragement of excellence.

ENNA Transport

ENNA TRANSPORT has been part of the Energia Naturalis Group since 2015. The company was the first privately owned railway cargo company to successfully expand its business operations in Croatia and the region, with over 20 percent share of the market in Croatia. Quality and reliability of company services are guaranteed through to the deployment of the most technically advanced engines used in European railways – both electric and diesel powered. The company has taken full advantage of Croatia’s geographical placement at the crossroads of important European transport routes.

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